Leanne Loesch - Director
PO Box 265
Onida, SD 57564-0265
Tele: (605) 258-2522
Fax: (605) 258-2884

The Sully County Director of Equalization is appointed by the County Commissioners and is responsible for discovering, listing and valuing all real property within the county, except property which the Secretary of Revenue has been directed to assess. No person charged with the duty of assessing or appraising real property for purposes of taxation may do so unless he/she holds an appropriate certificate issued by the Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue will issue certification after the following criteria are met:
  • The Director completes the certification program consisting of five IAAO (International Association of Assessing Officers) courses and passes the test at the conclusion of each course. This must be done within one year from the time of enrollment. During the one-year period a temporary certification is issued.
  • The Director passes the CAA test

The Director of Equalization must be re-certified every five years. Requirements for re-certification include:

  • Attending and passing the annual Department of Revenue school three of the five years. One year must be an IAAO course.
  • Attending workshops three of the five years.
  • Attending the SDAAO Conference three of the five years

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